PHP, mySQL, MongoDB examples

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  1. Search for a specific text within a string.
    Write the replacement for the PHP strpos() function.
    Live example  Source code  Source code (Python)
  2. Write a query that lists FIRST_NAME, LAST_NAME from the STUDENTS table
    and the average of the PERCENT column from the GRADES table.
    Both tables contain STUDENT_ID.
  3. Asset Management System (AMS) that allows users to do the following:
    Create/edit/delete/list Assets for a selected company.
    Assets CRUD Application  Source code
  4. Simple blog powered by PHP and MongoDB.
    Live example
  5. Shipment tracking using third party API and HttpRequest
    Live example  Source code
  6. Simple Laravel application
    Live example
  7. Simple Codeigniter (CI) CRUD Application
    Live demo  Source code
  8. Simple CRUD Application using Jquery, Ajax, CSS3 and PHP
    Live demo  Source code
  9. Currency denomination
    It is a sample code that would retrieve a user’s input for a foreign currency amount and determines
    a mix of currency to satisfy this amount based on what is available in inventory.
    Live demo  Source code
  10. A few simple reports using MySQL
    Live demo   Source code